Gamers are the best detectives and investigators of the digital world. Almost nothing can escape their eyes when it comes to hidden messages or secrets and foreshadows of characters or sequels. The latest discovery made by the nintendo gamers, is a mysterious language present in the game, ‘The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’.

Discoveries and improtant information are often revealed on the gaming community of Reddit. Likewise, a reddit user by the name sparkthedarkness shared some images showing the translation of the Sheikah language.


With this translation image going viral among the Nintendo fans, players are putting it to good use, to uncover important information scattered around in the game. One of the gamers found that the game’s special edition box features the looping phrase “The Hyrule Fantasy” in the Sheikah language. Others are using the translation to find the memories located in different areas of the map.

This is the first discovery made in the game, while a few others might follow soon. Any further updates on other discoveries will be posted here. So, stay tuned.


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