Bioware Releases Video On Mass Effect Andromeda’s Golden Worlds And Confirms New DLC Maps

Recently, Bioware released a new video on their upcoming game, Mass Effect Andromeda. The video showed some of the golden worlds, which are deemed potential for inhabitation. The crew have been scanning the galaxy for the next possible habitats for humanity, but were only able to retrieve little information about them. With the latest data at hand, the team’s tech officer Suvi, does a briefing on all these habitats in the video.

The first habitat looks to be a desert with rivers flowing beneath the ground. The temperature is moderate enough to sustain human life. The second one rests on a large moon that orbits a gas filled giant planet. Suvi claims it to be rich in minerals and to have enough resources to serve the generations to come.

The third and the fourth are claimed to be good sustainers of life, with jungles and liquid surface water. These two habitats look much similar the Earth, except for varied landscapes. The fifth one presents itself as an underwater ecosystem, that supports protein life, while Habitat 6 is recorded as a massive and wide waterbody with small scale islands.

Though the above six habitats support human life in one way or the other, Suvi said that Habitat seven is going to be the first and the best destination for humanity and it will take 600 years to reach it. It is home to tropical climates and lands with perfect blends of natural resources and landscapes. This habitat is said to be the next possible home for the humans.

Meanwhile, Bioware also announced that the game will have DLC maps. These DLC maps are going to be free, just like Mass Effect 3. With Andromeda just a couple of weeks away from launch, it is safe to say that Bioware is doing its best to make the fans look forward to the game.


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