The reason why Breath Of The Wild gathers much attention from the Nintendo fans and other gamers is, the game allows the player to experiment each and everything they come across. It offers much freedom to explore and try different things like crafting tools, feeding meat to the dogs, cooking food in a pot, leviating bombs by attaching balloons to them and many more. Though, these things are basic mechanics, there are quite other things that most Nintendo gamers fail to discover. Here is a list of tips, tricks and hidden mechanics to make the game more interesting and fun to play.

Food Can Be Cooked Anywhere

Do you smell what Link is cookin’?

Wait a sec… Is the Breath Of The Wild, actually the smell of what Link cooks? Mind = Blown!?
Switching back to the topic at hand, not many people know that a pot isn’t necessary to cook food. If Link wants to have it roasted, there are two ways to do it. The first way, is to go to a very hot region like Death Mountain or Gerudo Desert and plant the food to the ground. The very heat of the place will roast or bake it. Link can also start a fire almost anywhere, be it bush, tree or grass and then drop the steak or fruit into the flame and roast it. The reverse holds true for cold environments like the Hebra Mountains, which make the meat cold.

Arrows For Instant Preparation Of Meat

Roasted board or frozen boar?

Using ice arrows on animals, will freeze them and turn into frozen meat, while fire arrows can be used to get roasted meat. Looks like a life hack for Link, who has to survive the wilds.

Rain Plays Spoil Sport

 A bad weather

Rain affects every surface the Breath Of The Wild presents. It makes them slippery and wet and makes it hard for Link to scale them. He will not be able to climb walls and buildings owing to the wet nature. For every few feet he climbs up, he will slip down by a two. To scale down a steep slope on a rainy day, it is better to use the shield to surf on it and glide faster. It works on icy surfaces too like the Gerudo Highlands.

Don’t Be A Good Conductor Of Electricity

I chose the wrong day to explore these lands

If Link thinks rain is the big spoil sport, he could have never been wrong. Even on a blissful day, he can notice sparks in the sky. They are less initially, but eventually grow in numbers. A few seconds later, he would witness his life flash in front of him, feel an explosion and will see himself flying in the sky playing harp. That’s what happens when he carries metal weapons and armor, when a storm comes. They are good conductors of electricity and the lightning will naturally be attracted towards them. Unequip all the metals and wait for the storm to pass.

Horsing Around In A Horse

Let’s take a walk buddy!

The horses in Breath Of The Wild have different qualities like strength, speed, stamina and temperament. Dual-colored horses are slower, have less stamina and have a good temperament. They are easy to mount and ride. On the other hand, solid-colored horses have high stamina and are a little hostile. They would put up a fight, if Link tries to mount them out of the blue. One way to mount them, is to reward them. Rewards not only improves their temperament, but also makes them obey Link without straying around on their own. Pressing L while riding and giving it a nice pat, when it did something you told, will improve the bonding with the horse.

Ghost Bunnies Provide Riches

Ghost Buster!

The wilds will have many light blue colored bunnies, running around among the bushes and grass like ghosts. Hitting them with a weapon, will trigger money dropping out of them. However, these little fellows will go for the escape when they sense Link nearing them. Careful stealth attacks or being fast enough to chase them, are the ways to have a chance to get hands on the money.

Fairies Serve As Guardian Angels

Let’s cheat death

How does the thought of ‘living forever’ sound like? The Great Fairy Fountain will have many fairies hovering around the petals of giant flowers. These fairies will instantly revive Link, when he dies. He can carry a maximum of three fairies at the same time, which means he can literally cheat death. However, catching those fairies is hard, as they are fast. Link will have to sprint or paraglide to catch them, before they scatter and fly off. Good luck with that!

With Breath Of The Wild released just a few days ago, these tips and mechanics will help the gamers to make the most of the game and take the experience a step further.



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