For the last couple of weeks, Blizzard has been teasing on their game Overwatch’s next character. The teasers were spot on, that fans were able to realize the arrival of a new hero, but weren’t sure who. Initially, it was assumed that Efi Oladele would be the chosen one. Later, the scenes from the game showed evidences pointing towards Doomfist. If this confusion wasn’t enough, the game’s director Jeff Kaplan’s comment sent the fans and viewers back to square one. At the DICE summit, he stated that the next character isn’t the one who the fans were expecting. Nobody knew who he was talking about, triggering even more speculations and fan theories. If you missed all the commotion, catch up here.

Now, Blizzard have decided to put the curiosity to rest by introducing Orisa, as the game’s next hero. Orisa is a tank-robot and her addition increased the roster number to 24. She will function as the frontline attacker and a heavy defender. Though, she is now available in the PTR (Public Test Realm), there is still time for her to arrive to the actual game. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the background of Orisa.

Orisa Origins


She is a standard OR-15 robot, given the task of protecting the Numbani tribe from danger. Despite being deployed in numbers, the robots didn’t stand a chance against Doomfist who retrieved his gauntlet back, leaving behind heaps of OR-15 metal scraps in his wake.This activity sounds familiar, isn’t it? It forms the backbone of every Hollywood action movie, where the protagonist destroys everything in his path for the sake of either love, revenge, justice or just for fun like Deadpool.

Anyway, returning to the topic at hand, the Numbani had to defend themselves from future attacks after what Doomfist did. This is where, the teased character Efi Oladele comes into play. Being a 11 year old robotics prodigy, she salvaged one of the ruined OR-15 robot and rebuilt it as a stronger one. The rebuilt version was names Orisa.

Orisa’s Abilities

Fusion Driver

The fusion driver is Orisa’s projectile cannon and is her primary weapon. Its functionality is the same as a heavy machine gun with consistent damage and fast fire rate. Though, the damage isn’t that high, the accuracy and range are more in comparison to the cannon owned by D’Va, who is the game’s other tank-character.



Halt is Orisa’s secondary weapon and acts as a tool to outmaneuver enemies. It releases graviton charges that pulls enemies to one spot for a few seconds and will detonate on release. The cooldown for this weapon is 8 seconds.



This is the best defensive ability present in Overwatch so far. Orisa’s protective barrier is a combination of Reinhardt’s Barrier Field, Winston‘s Barrier Projector, and Symmetra’s Photon Barrier. It can be shot out of a cannon like a projectile and can be deployed anywhere. The only drawback is, the shield’s strength is low, standing at only 900 in comparison to Reinhardt’s barrier, which is at 2000. However, Orisa’s shield has a cooldown of 12 seconds and a duration of 20 seconds. If these duration statistics are put to good use, she will be a good defensive tank hero.



Fortify reduces the damage taken by 50% and it also renders Orisa immune to any action impairing effects. She will be immune to einhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate, Mei’s freezing abilities, Ana’s sleep darts and Bionic Grenades, and Sombra‘s hacking ability, while the fortify ability is active. The drawbacks of this ability are, it lasts only for four seconds and has a cooldown of 12 long seconds.



Supercharger is Orisa’s ultimate ability. It allows her to buff the damage dealt by allies via a little cylinder device. The allies will have to remain within a 25 meter radius line of sight of the device, in order to receive the damage buff. The damage buff stands at a massive 50% from the normal. Though, being an ultimate ability, the cooldown is 15 seconds.

Being a heavy tank, Orisa lacks movement speed and maneuvering makes her vulerable to flankers such as Tracer and Genji. She also has a low health of just 400, which will require healers to keep her alive for a long time.

So far, she has been only played in the PTR. She might receive tweaks before she finally arrives to the actual game, which is yet to be known.


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