While Horizon Zero Dawn’s beautiful open world creates an illusion, that in-game combat is easy, it is actually hard to conquer the mechanical beasts. Although, the controls are quite basic and the weapons interface is concise, there have been problems in planning an effective attack on the complex machines, that show up later in the game. Therefore, here are a set of tips and hidden combat mechanics, to help the players understand the fighting techniques better.

Keep An Eye Out For The Small Icons

See that red mark above its head?

The animoids can sense and notice Aloy’s movements, which is usually represented by a sign above their heads. A yellow sign means ‘alertness’. A robot with a yellow sign, will be alert of its surroundings and will be on guard. On the other hand, a red sign indicates ‘danger’. A machine that carries this sign, has already seen Aloy and will begin to attack her. Most gamers aren’t aware of this and often get caught by the robots, on the act of sneaking up on them.

Always Remain In The ‘Just in case’ Attitude

There is loot everywhere

Every open world gamer will know, what the ‘just in case’ attitude means. The inventories of these gamers will be full of items, either bought or crafted. The reason behind this, is open world games offer much challenges and even the less valuable items may come handy. Similarly, Horizon Zero Dawn’s combat is tough. Hence, storing every possible item or artifact Aloy comes across, is essential. Killing boars, rabbits, foxes, turkeys and other animals in the wild, will provide the necessary stuff, to help her craft traps and weapons, which will be later needed to take down more powerful animoids.

Override Ability Has Two Purposes

An override in progress

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn conceals many high-tech dungeons, called Cauldrons. They offer the codes to override the animoids. Once they are overridden, they will become Aloy’s temporary friends and will aid her in battle against other machines. Apart from being a friend, the overridden robots can be mounted, to travel to distant areas on the map.

Tag The Animoids

Tag and Track

Aloy will find the Focus device in the very early stages of Horizon Zero Dawn. Tapping R3 will bring up a glowing purple sphere around her, and will allow her to tag enemies. Tagged animals can be kept track of, even after the Focus is switched off. They can be tracked through walls, trees, grass and other mediums too. When Aloy is surrounded by a horde of machines, it is easier to get noticed and attacked. Using the track ability, helps Aloy to stay hidden and unnoticed.

Lure And Silent Strike Are Vital Skills

It is all about strategy and stealth

Silent Strike will let Aloy sneak up on smaller robots like Watchers and Grazers, and lets her instantly kill them, as long as they’re not alerted to her presence. Combined with the Lure skill, she’ll be able to whistle and call the closest machine towards her. By setting up trip lines around her, the lured animoid will run straight into the trap and will be gone for good.

Merchants Offer Free Stuff

Free items are always welcome

Horizon Zero Dawn’s open world makes it easier to come across many minor tribal communities. These tribes will have merchants, who will give Aloy a free treasure box. The ‘Treasure Boxes’ tab on the screen will host a variety of resources, she received from the merchants. The contents of the box is randomly generated, but it does provide items that are valuable enough to craft everything Aloy needs. Sometimes, they might contain the goodies that Aloy is already looking for. Hence, the treasure box needs to be checked before doing any trade.

To sum it up, look out for icons, collect everything possible, override the machines, tag and track, use lure and silent strike skills and finally, don’t turn down the free stuff from the merchants. With the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn being hard to tackle, the application of these six combat mechanics and tips will definitely save Aloy and the gamers, a lot of trouble.


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