DICE has already released quite a lot of details on Battlefield 1’s upcoming DLC, ‘They shall not pass’. Now, they are back again to let us know more on three other expansions. I’ve briefed up on each of them below.

First Expansion : They shall not pass


This DLC introduces the French army at World War 1, four French maps to battle at and also brings in the mamoth of a tank called the Char 2C. If you haven’t read my previous posts on this DLC, you can do that right here.

Second Expansion : Name Of The Tsar


If the first one introduces the French army, the second one introduces the Russian army. You will handle the Russians and take part in the historic Brusilov offensive and Albion assault.

Third Expansion : Turning Tides


The third expansion shifts the focus to the ocean with naval battles. You will take command of a destroyer and a coastal class airships, while taking part in the Zeebrugge raid, and storm the beaches of Gallipoli.

Fourth Expansion : Apocalypse


Finally, we have the Apocalypse DLC and it’ll include the most infamous battles of World War 1. As the name suggests, players will get access to brutal tools and unique weapons born out of desperation and deadlock during the war. This gives the players a chance to go experience split second decisions and reactions to certain situations, along with the gore and blood, giving an outlook of hell.

With that being said, Premium pass holders will receive all four expansions, including two weeks of early access, priority server access, and 14 superior-level battlepacks full of in-game cosmetic unlocks.

Grab your gears and get ready, fellas! We are up for one hell of a showdown.

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