About a week ago, a video was released by Guerrilla Games, where the developers did a briefing on Horizon Zero Dawn. Soon after that, to peak the curiosity, anticipation and of course for marketing and sales purposes, four new videos were presented by Sony. They showcased the gameplay, combat and the official launch trailer. You can view those videos here.

With Horizon Zero Dawn launching today, there is more news to the game than just those videos you saw before. While you explore the post-apocalyptic world, you will come across items that you can trade with merchants. However, there are a couple of items that might say more than how they look.

When you take a look at these icons, they feature a striking resemblance to the Kojima Productions logo.


Apart from that, the names of these two items are Stranded Figures and Stranded Shackles, which would sound familiar to you. Yes, that’s right. It sounds similar to Death Stranding.

There might be other easter eggs hidden in Horizon Zero Dawn. We just need to play the game and explore its world to discover them.


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