Did you know that the next Assassin’s Creed movie is rumored to be subtitled as, ‘Empire’? Well, am not sure about that either. But, recently there has been a screenshot from the yet unreleased game, lurking about in the internet.

The image was originally posted in reddit claiming to be a leaked image from Assassin’s Creed Empire, which had zero upvotes and a lot of comments demanding the source. The screenshot features a lightly armored, heavily armed figure standing in front of an open stone doorway. Unfortunately, the image is of low quality, just like an image that surfaces up time and time again claiming that an UFO has been spotted.


There are some symbols that can be recognized from the image. An icon can be found at the top of the enterance that is similar to the symbols used for area transitions in Assassin’s Creed. The next one is the inscription on the shield. Apart from that the protagonist’s costume looks like he is from the parts of Greece. From my perspective, he looks more of a warrior than an assassin.

This rumor is best left ignored, if you ask me. However, you can comment in your thoughts and opinions on this, if you figure out something.


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