With the Ghost Recon:Wildlands’ open beta gone live, there have been mixed reactions from the players who took part in it. Here are the fans’ views after playing the beta.

First up, there were some issues with the beta, like maintenance errors or ribera 1000b errors. Shortly, after the game went live, it went offline for maintenance. After a while, if was live again. This happened several times and left the players fuming over it. With the beta being an onlin-based game, errors like this are never welcomed. The fans took it to twiiter and laid down all the frustration there.

While some encountered the maintenance errors, some other encountered the ribera errors.

These were the problems that existed before playing the game. There were many issues while playing it too.

Have you ever seen a helicopter float in the air without its rotor blades doing the work? Check this out.

This is what happens, when GTA players play Ghost Recon:Wildlands. They try to stop the train.

Besides, reddit user jfoughe made the following statement.

All the goddamn radios are driving me crazy. Not only are they ungodly loud, but they ruin the atmosphere, drown out an otherwise good score, and blast terrible, repetitive content everywhere you go. Did you hear the lady talk about the word bossy yet? HAHAHAHAHA I UNDERSTAND THAT REFERENCE AND HOPE TO HEAR IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN I AM DEAD INSIDE. Radio in cars, radios in bases, radios in tents, radios in homes, radios burrowing your ear canal, radios in your brain, radios consuming your soul.

From my perspective, this is the same as playing an online FPS, where one idiot shouts random things on his mike, while the other swears and the other plays music.

But jokes apart, Ubisoft needs to rectify these problems before the game’s final version launches in 3 days. In fact, that is the reason the beta takes place: To fix errors and bugs reported by players. Let’s see how Ubisoft reacts to all this.

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