Recently, Uncharted movie writer Joe Carnahan shared some of the details on the script. To present the same feel and experience the game offered, he has written similar dialogues as in the game. It’ll include a lot of swearing and adult themes and hence, the movie is expected to receive an R rating.

R-rated movies make less money when compared to those with other ratings. For this reason, many studios want to produce movies that are PG-13 instead of Restricted. Hitman and Bioshock are examples of it. So, questions popped up as to how Carnahan’s R-rated Uncharted script would be made into a movie.

Carnahan thinks otherwise and I agree with him. It’s not true that R-rated movies can’t have commercial success, especially after we had Deadpool. Those days are over and now, people have begun to accept these changes to the script.

Meanwhile, the people made accusations, that Uncharted will turn out to be like Indiana Jones. Carnahan had the fitting response to it, by saying that they might share the same qualities but he has made the Uncharted script, ‘anti-Indiana Jones’. He quoted,

Drake is not a guy who likes museums. He thinks they’re all crooked. Curators are ‘thieves;’ the guys in the Louvre and The Met are thieves and despicable. He’s a treasure hunter, not an archaeologist. He doesn’t have Indiana Jones’ idea of pure faith in archaeology. That’s not the way he thinks.

He also thinks, there is no point in transposing the game to the film and hence, needed to make some new “sh*t”. The movie will also feature great action sequences.  He went on to say,

I probably wrote four of the biggest, f***in’ craziest action sequences I think I’ve ever written in that movie

While we had all these controversial talks going on, Uncharted game writer Neil Druckman took it to twitter and said no one has read the script at Naughty Dog.

Though we don’t know the reason for this, we can be sure of one thing. The movie is going to be commercial with all the R-rated ingredients, seasoned with stunning action sequences.

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