Overwatch was in the news many times, over speculation about the arrival of a new character. Though the inclusion of a new hero is confirmed, it is not yet known, who that person is going to be.

The first theory was formed, after Blizzard teased about a young girl in a blog post, who may or may not be playable.


The girl was called, Efi Oladele and she is a scientist. Fans assumed, that the next Overwatch character is going to be Efi.

This assumption was backed up, during a summit talk, held by DICE. At the summit, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan shared an early piece of concept art. Take a look at the image below.


The characters in this art can be recognized as Tracer, Winston, Mercy, and Genji. But, it also shows a giant spider shooting a laser beam. With Efi, being a young scientist, it is possible that she might be the one controlling the giant robot spider. This made the fans confident, that Efi would be the next Overwatch hero.

But, Kaplan was smart enough to know, that the eagle-eyed fans would assume her as an upcoming character. He quoted,

I need to say this for our subreddit so it doesn’t implode: No, the hero in the center is not the hero who you think it is.

This statement left the fans in a cloud of confusion. If it isn’t Efi, then who?

One thing is for sure, that Blizzard is working on a number of new heroes for the game. We just have to wait and see.



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