Battlefield 1’s ‘They shall not pass’ DLC will soon boast a bunch of new weapons. The information about these weapons were a part of the Community Test Server (CTE) and the guns have already been deployed to some of the players.

Check them out. Click on each of the images below for the full view.


We have these firearms ready for battle. But, it looks like some of them are just variants of the others. You can see, that both the Infantry and Sniper versions of the Lebel Model 1886 have been added to the list. Moreover, three melee weapons have been included too: the gruesome-looking Nail Knife, Trench Fleur, and Cogwheel Club.

These weapons aren’t available readily for use. You will have to complete cetain challenges to unlock them. The challenges will comprise of stacking up kills with particular weapons and reviving you teammates.

All this information has come to light, owing to the latest update of Battlefield 1’s CTE. The CTE is only available on PC and you will need premium pass to access it.

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