I certainly did not see this coming, but I have to agree that there is an issue with the latest patch which Final Fantasy XV received. Square Enix launched this patch on the PS4, owing to improve the game’s frame rate to 60FPS. But it didn’t deliver accordingly.

Final Fantasy XV allows the PS4 pro users to choose between ‘Lite’ and ‘High’ performance modes.  Before the patch, the Lite mode had the game running at 1080p/30FPS. On the other hand, the High mode made the resolution to rocket up to 1800p with checkerboard rendering.


But, once the patch is downloaded, the Lite mode maintains its resolution at 1080p, but its frame rate becomes inconsistent, falling somewhere between 40 to 50FPS. The only way you can get a 60FPS on Final Fantasy XV, is by looking down to the ground. It begins to change, if you do something else. The High mode isn’t doing any better too.

Meanwhile, the Xbox one utilizes V-sync to keep a completely smooth frame-pacing throughout the game, providing a stable experience.

Final Fantasy XV fans, who love capped frame rates have been criticising over this patch issue. There are other players too, who think otherwise, as they prefer uncapped frame rates.

Do you like capped or uncapped frame rates? What is your take on this patch?


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