Today, Bethesda released the first gameplay trailer for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Morrowind expansion.

It shows the first look of the island of Vvardenfel and it looks pretty impressive, I must say.

Morrowind will provide access to the existing players, to instantly travel to Vvardenfell and experience the new content which the island brings with it. Meanwhile, the new players will have a chance to create new characters on Vvardenfell, even if they don’t complete any of the previous ESO content. Sound like a good move to me. This might be the right idea, to keep drawing more players to Elder Scrolls Online.

On top of that, the Morrowind expansion will include a new class called, The Warden. Wielding an impressive combination of melee weapons and magic, the Warden will be supported by a war bear during combat. Moreover, a new battleground mode is going to be introduced, which will host player vs player combats in arena-type environments.

Check out some of the pics below.

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