WatchDogs fans and tech geeks are going to love this new DLC, that Ubisoft launched today. More happy news for Playstation 4 fans is, that the DLC had arrived to Sony’s console, a month ahead of Xbox and PC. The DLC will arrive on March 23 for the other two platforms.

I got the launch trailer here. Check it out.

Now, let’s see what the DLC includes.

First up, the DLC is titled, ‘Human Conditions’. It comes with three missions:

  • Automata
  • Bad Medicine
  • Caustic Progress.

Marcus teams up with a hitman to go against some wierdo, who is holding the hospital for a ransom. A hitman and a hacker?! That’s a sick pair. I reckon ‘Bad Medicine’ is going to be a treat. (Looks like a hollywood action movie)

The action doesn’t stop there. ‘Automata’ will put Marcus up against an internet company Nudle and its new biometric, self-driving cars. There are a lot of options in this scenario for the hackers to play around with the pre-programmed cars.

Sound good, right? And, here I am, trying to figure out how a small piece of code works.

Finally, in ‘Caustic Progress’, DedSec must put an end to a nanotech that’s been taking out San Francisco’s homeless community.

If these three missions aren’t enough for you, the DLC also includes Elite co-op missions. Players need to watch out, as it’ll test your skills with advanced challenges.

Oh!, and I forgot to mention, that you will be facing a new enemy type called ‘The Jammer’ in this DLC. These enemies carry anti-hack devices, that are capable of disabling your own hacking abilities. You got to find various strategies to take them out.

This DLC can be accessed during or after the main story. It is playable from any point of time in the main story.

Marcus and his team are in for a wild action ride, and so are we.

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