Following WatchDogs 2 and RainbowSix:Siege, Horizon:Zero dawn will be getting an update in the form of a day one patch.

But this update isn’t going to be as huge as the other two. The developer Guerrilla Games, announced, that the file size of Horizon’s patch is just 250MB. The update will look to bring performance improvements with smoother framerates for higher visual fidelity.

On top of that, this patch will be applied to both 4k and 1080p displays.

If this news isn’t satisfying enough, I got more for you.

Horizon:Zero Dawn is already creating waves in the gaming industry with a plethora of amazing reviews. With the final product being exemplary, Sony have decided to make Aloy, the Playstation’s icon of the future. Besides, Guerrilla Games’ senior producer Angela Gillespie, shared her thoughts on the game’s upcoming sequel. She revealed, that the sequel might be featuring alternate protagonists, apart from Aloy.


She quoted,

“I think Aloy will always be a part of Horizon: Zero Dawn, but as you might have seen, there is a big number of characters and tribes in the game, and we have a rich history. We spent years developing these tribes, so there is a possibility for other characters in the future, but Aloy will always remain in Horizon: Zero Dawn.”

Some people think, having another protagonist is an odd decision, provided the current success rate of the game and its current protagonist Aloy. But, I beg to differ otherwise. This is because, I reckon the storyline featuring the alternate protagonists would be played out separately, and would be brought together in the end to make a complete picture. However, my perception is different and is just a theory.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.

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