Note down today’s date (Feb 21). It’ll be remembered as the day, when we had many AAA games getting patches and updates. Just when I thought, I was done with game patches, For Honor knocked me out of the dream and proved me wrong. Ubisoft’s community developer Eric Pope posted a list of patch notes in one of the game’s forums.

AntiCheat is a software that prevents players from manipulating the game’s system by all means. The patch stated a fix for this software, because the software had been incorrectly blocking several players. That’s not all, there is lot more than that. Take a look below on the patch notes.

Easy AntiCheat

  • FIXED: Updated the error messaging for certain Easy AntiCheat notifications to make them more user friendly
  • FIXED: Error that was incorrectly blocking some players from entering the game.

Steam Controller

  • Steam Controller users will no longer be kicked as inactive (AFK) when providing controller input

Addressed bugs in the the shutdown process

  • FIXED: game sometimes storing borderless in the options on shutdown
  • FIXED: game still showing in taskbar after pressing x. When clicked you would see a small window without borders that closes shortly after.

Addressed several PC startup/full screen bugs

  • FIXED: game starting in window mode when clicking somewhere else during startup
  • FIXED: game switch display mode twice on startup
  • FIXED: game switching to borderless when ALT+ENTER after previous switch to full screen failed
  • Fixed the caching of settings on game minimization
  • FIXED: Incorrect window positions being stored in options when game is minimized

And lastly, a message will now be displayed on BOOT if Intel GPU driver is below min specs.

For Honor had good reviews overall, and with the addition of these patches, the experience is only going to get bigger.

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