Sniping is amazing with a smooth FPS and when it comes to Sniper Elite 4, the feel is even more with the X-ray kill clips. So, how does the frame rate fare between the consoles?

Digital Foundry decided to test it out across three platforms, the PS4, Xbox one and PS4 Pro. It was found that PS4 pro’s frame rate is unlocked and the FPS lies between 45-55 range, while the PS4 and Xbox one don’t come up to that rate.

The standard PS4 has a frame rate around 30-40 FPS but the Xbox stays below 30 FPS. Sniper Elite 4 is capped at 30 on Xbox One, but it frequently dips below that mark.

The render stays at 1080p for all the three consoles with the inclusion of maximum settings and when also connected to a 4k TV. Check out the video above for more detailed analysis.


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