In a game that demands skill and mastery over your choice of warrior and weapons, it is imperative to prepare before and adapt during a duel. There will be no help from other players or friends. It all comes down to you and your mastery on your chosen warrior. So, if you don’t want to get rekt, follow these tips and ideas.

Choose a suitable warrior

Two factors come into play:

  • The warrior’s style of combat
  • Your style of play

Some of you might like being patient and striking with tactics, while some might like to go all out regardless of the consequences. Either way, your style of play must match with the style of combat of the warrior you choose. This is a very important concept because you aren’t going to win any match by choosing the Kenshi (a samurai), and going rogue on your opponent with a berserker kind of play. If you do that, you will last only a few seconds and will see yourself excellently executed. This is the main reason why you need to master one warrior at a time instead of trying them all out.


Master your chosen warrior

After you have chosen your suitable warrior, master them by playing against bots or friends through a custom match. Initially, perform duels with bots or your friends through a custom match. This way you can get to learn to use your chosen warrior the right way without any anxiety. This will also be a platform for you to time your blocks, parry, evasion and deadly heavy attacks. Timing is key in a duel, else you will provide your opponent a big opening for them to cut you down.

Know your enemy

Not many For Honor guides tell you this, but I will. In a duel, it is important to know your enemy and their style of combat. Let me explain.


Each warrior will have an advantage over the other warriors through their style of combat and weapons they use. An example can be a fight between a Raider and a Peacekeeper. While Raiders are strong and have a huge blade, Peacekeepers are agile assassins. So, this presents us two perspectives:

  • The Raider’s advantage over the Peacekeeper.
  • The vice versa.

Talking ’bout the first perspective, the Raider has 3 signature moves. They are the carry and throw combo, a complete defensive stance and a 360 degree swing of the blade. The peacekeeper is comparably far weaker in strength and in addition to that, the defensive block lasts only a few seconds. A big monstrous parry and one mighty blow with his blade are all that takes for the Raider to pummel the Peacekeeper straight to hell.

The second perspective brings us the Peacekeeper’s pop and stab move, which is quick and comes handy if done from behind. This can be followed with another heavy attack or a series of light attacks. The Raider’s heavy body and weapon makes it harder for him to move around. Hence, A proper evasion and strike combo will be essential in taking down the Raider.

Hence it is important to know your enemy to take advantage of their weakness and make it your strength. You get the point.

Manage your surrounding locality well

This goes down to 2 factors again:

  • Hazardous surroundings
  • Non-Hazardous surroundings

Speaking of hazardous, some maps will have deep pits with spikes, while some will have rivers and some will have high cliffs. Whichever it is, you need to make full use of it and try to push your opponent over for the direct kill. To do this, you must use your combat skills to corner your opponent near a cliff or a bridge and then do a light bash or a heavy attack which will send them off balance.


Coming to non-hazardous, these are rocks, trees, walls and stairs present in the map. Know that if you get cornered against a rock or a tree, it is hard to come out of a beating that’ll follow. Make sure you don’t get caught there and also try to corner your opponent likewise. Cornering can be done easily with heavy warriors like the Raider. One of Raider’s moves is to bash and carry the opponent all the way to hell. Well, it is either a wall or a rock or a tree technically.

Stance is important


Having a proper stance is key when it comes to defending or tricking your opponent for a counter attack. Practice this a lot when you master your chosen warrior. The stance differs between every warrior and you need to execute them well to take advantage over your opponent.

Don’t bash the keys

A final word of advice will be to learn the controls properly. In the midst of a match, due to the intensity and anxiety that lingers, you will tend to bash the keys trying to do whatever it takes to kill your opponent. The mentality would be just like playing a racing game; if you press the acceleration key harder, the faster the car moves. Never do that with this game and learn to apply the controls with proper timing.

And so, there we have it. Your tips and guide to dominate a duel match. Make sure to understand each of the concepts I provided here and put it to full use.


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