Battlefield 1’s new update has arrived today. DICE announced that this update is entirely focussed on bug fixes. But they included some new features in response to the fans’ request.

I have listed out the details of this update below.

  • Maximun class rank increased from 10 to 50. Available for both base classes and specialized classes like Pilot and Tanker.
  • Achieving new milestone-ranks 20,30,40 and 50, will unlock new dog tags and customization options for your kill card.
  • Ribbons are making a comeback with this update. Ribbons can be achieved during the play when you perform certain feats like having a three kill streak while on a horse. There are 20 ribbons present in this update and more to come in the future patches.
  • Players having rented servers will get a kick and ban option along with map voting.
  • There will also be a variety of UI, vehicle, and weapon changes as well. Though there isn’t much detail available on this, there will be heavy tanks visible in the mini map and the cooldown on the vehicles’ gas abilities will be increased

For now, this is all I have on the update. By the end of day, I will be having the entire details after trying out the update.

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