The entertainment software association has opened sales for the E3 2017 event.

The price for a ticket is $150 if bought today. From tomorrow, the buying price goes up to $250. In addition to that, about 15000 seats are being alloted just for the gamers and consumers. The event is scheduled to happen from June 13 through June 15. During these three days, you can get access to the show floor which will be flooded by discussion panels and stations competing against each other.


While I was thinkng long and hard on how selling costly tickets would work, the ESA was questioned about the $250 price point and it seems the game publishers were also a part of this price fixing. Rich Taylor, the senior VP of communications for the ESA said,

Our members and key exhibitors helped determined the price points and $249 for a three-day pass is an incredible deal. We’re going to have more than 200 exhibitors — leading companies from around the world — showcasing never-before-seen video games. Couple that experience with an opportunity to listen to leading video game industry figures at E3’s panel sessions and we think these tickets will go quickly.

So, it does seem that they have a smart strategy to make the most of this event with the current price point by also providing value with the help of new games and interviews with industry figures.

The event will happen in Los Angeles and you can register for the event here.

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