We have news that Morrowing is coming back the Elder Scrolls Online. But that is a while away to happen. Until then, we have new features and content available for the game’s PC version.

Titled “Homestead”, the expansion comes as a free add-on which allows you to purchase and customize your own homes in the game. You will have a range of 40 different options, from a small room to huge manor estates with vast exteriors. If you play the game well, you might even get to the point of buying an island. These islands are themed around the 10 races that are present in Elder Scrolls.


It doesn’t end there. Once you have a place to live in, you can customize the interiors with over 2,000 different pieces of furniture and decorations, including chairs, beds, books, paintings and lights. These items can be either purchased or crafted. Crafter items can later be sold to other players. Players will be awarded a free home when the expansion is launched, by completing a tutorial.

The expansion comes out for PS4 and Xbox one on February 21. We need to wait till June for the arrival of Morrowind.

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