What am about to say now might be known to some of you through social media.

As the title reads, a popular and the most desired map for all counter strike players is being removed from the competitive arena. The reason being due to the recent makeover done to the map inferno.

Inferno’s fresh and detailed look raised its popularity among the maps and this was enough to dethrone Dust 2. Even if Dust 2 isn’t a part of competitive gaming anymore, it can still be played in Casual and Deathmatch modes.

The official CS:GO blog read,

In the wake of the ELEAGUE Major, we’re making a change to the map pool: Inferno has returned to Active Duty, replacing Dust II, and will be featured at the next CS:GO Major. As in the past, the updated Active Duty pool is automatically selected when you enter Matchmaking.

s inferno really better than Dust 2 for the competitive mode? What are your thoughts on this?

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