Last week, it was Resident Evil 7 that was cracked and this week its Conan Exiles. PC gamers cracked both these games within a week from their launch. Both of these games were protected by Denuvo’s anti-tampering software.

Denuvo was already in a bad situation when their anti-tampering software got cracked and Resident Evil 7 was pirated. Denuvo responded they will be learning from these mistakes to build a stronger sytem for protection against piracy. You can read more on this here.


There are two main reason as to why Conan Exiles got pirated.

  • Developer of the game Funcom told, its totally an human error. The wrong build was uploaded to steam by mistake.
  • Second, Denuvo was temporarily removed to fix an error in the build process. Plus, there was no certification used, like Microsoft or Sony. With players running the game on their own servers, the piracy was bound to happen.

However, one upside among all these problems is that, the pirated version is an initial early access build. Funcom will rapidly expand the game with updates and fixes from here on. This means, the players using the pirated version will be left behind, as they will not have access to the new contents coming for the game. The only way for them to get the access is by doing a legitimate shopping and download.

Denuvo is going through a couple of tough weeks with two big games getting cracked in successive days. Though the early access build getting cracked is advantageous as stated above, the gaming industry needs to find a better solution against piracy.


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