With the plans of marketing Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft began a project to dig deep into the realistic scenarios of the present day Bolivia.

To help promote the game, Ubisoft’s UK marketing team decided to create a full length documentary based on Rusty Young’s book ‘Marching Powder’. The book talks about the real-life drug trade in Bolivia.

When this idea was condemned for many theories, the managind director Mark Slaughter said,

The goal isn’t to glamorize the drug trade and war thereon, but to create a truly compelling piece of content, which could stand alone alongside any documentary in its genre.

We wanted to delve further into the game’s fictitious narrative and its relevance to South America and the drugs trade today. We are certainly looking to introduce the brand to a wider, more mainstream audience through the documentary. As well as attracting a new audience to the franchise, the documentary also provides added content for our existing fans.


Slaughter further mentioned that, though the documentary was started as a part of the marketing process, it has now come to a stage where the game and the film will be seen as separate projects. It looks like Ubisoft has worked with a leading production team with extensive knowledge of the regions featured in the documentary and the key individuals who were a part of the drug world.

The documentary will be releasing on March 6.

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