EA launches a trailer for multiplayer mode of Mass Effect:Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been making waves with its trailers and content. Continuing on with that, EA has released yet another video. The video’s goal is to reveal the bonuses which will be available after you pre-order the game.

However, I decided to take a closer look at this trailer to draw more info. But before we talk about that, first let me cover the bonuses available with the pre-order. The bonuses include the Deep Space Explorer armor for protagonist Ryder, a special skin for the Nomad vehicle, and a booster pack for Andromeda’s multiplayer mode. The booster allows you to gather experience faster and level-up sooner.

Now, talking about the other info from the trailer, the scenes show multiplayer gameplay and the characters come with biotic powers. You will be battling against AI enemies and can customize your character using the weapons and items delivered through the loot boxes. In all, it looks just like Mass Effect 3.

For now, not much information about the multiplayer gameplay is known. Probably, EA might tease about it soon.

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