Titanfall 2 will have more DLCs releasing soon and Respawn threw a sneak peek at the upcoming content Live Fire mode.

Live Fire is a 6 vs 6 mode and will not have any Titans. The rounds will last only for 60 seconds. Your quest is to either eliminate the enemies or grab a neutral flag and hold it until those 60 seconds elapse.

Speaking about quests, Live Fire’s quest can be played out in two maps, Stacks and Meadows. Respawn described them as,

They are tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode.

Every scene in the trailer stood up to the description above. In case you have missed it, the trailer also shows a new pilot execution.


The date of release for the Live Fire mode hasn’t been announced yet, although Respawn stated the release will happen someday next month.


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