Breaking rumours, Ubisoft confirmed For Honor’s season pass, along with its details.

Here is what the season pass is all about. I made a collage of all the information into points to make things clear and understandable.

Season Pass details

  • Costs $40.
  • It comes with six new heroes who will be available seven days before they are released for non-season pass holders.
  • Those six heroes will have special ‘elite’ outfits.
  • It contains Day one War pack.
  • The pack includes a “sunbeam” effect for hero emotes, three emblem outlines, three scavenger crates that can be used to unlock extra gear, and 30-day Champion Status.
  • There are three Faction wars and two of the six new heroes begin to appear at the start of  every new war.
  • If you don’t hold the season pass, you need to buy those six heroes using the in-game currency.
  • The content for the season pass will be launched on February 14.

Watch this trailer to understand more about the details.

So, there you have it fellas. Things have just began heating up in ‘the world of warriors’.


6 thoughts on “For Honor’s season pass details and launch date revealed

      1. Oh I know, I should have written that question better. Did you play the beta? lol I’m torn between all three actually. But I’ll most likely go Kobushi (SP?) or Berserker. Just depends on which actually fits my playstyle best. This was pretty informative, have you thought about sharing your stuff on other sites before? I work at and could probably help rake in more views over there if you’re interested. Email me sometime


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