With thousands of players battling out against each other under the banner of their favourite faction, the game’s popularity and excitement levels are sky-rocketing. At the ‘war of the factions’, the Vikings stood victorious against the knights and Samurais with more captured territories. This was the event that took place after the closed beta content.

Now, Twitch has spilled the beans on an yet unannounced open beta. This is what it said.


I’m still not sure how Twitch got the details from Ubisoft. With their undergoing partnership, Ubisoft might have told some details to Twitch and the latter already gave the info away.

However, you can see from the image above that the Open Beta will take place from Feb 9th to Feb 12th. The excitment just got real with this revealing, as this time more players will try to conquer territories with their favourite factions.


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