Last week we had the Conan Exiles trailer spreading waves in the social media. Lots of speculations were made on the pivot roles to be played and the game’s storyline. Yesterday the dev team of Funcom took it to their official blog to shed some light on a few things about the game. They specifically quoted the following.

As we all play together through early access we will continuously be updating and improving Conan Exiles as well as fixing bugs and issues. We will listen very closely to feedback from you in the community and we will be introducing new features and content as they are ready.


This sounds pretty exciting, as it only shows that the game will be evolving until its final launch. So, here are a few features the dev team mentioned.



You all know what this weapon is for. Hence, am not going to talk about that. However, there is an important point to be noticed here. Using Trebuchts could only mean that there are many kingdoms and strongholds in place. It shows that the game is based on large scale battles and not an individual battle.

Get your battle strategies ready people!

Dyeing System


You can be your own fashion designer. This feature lets you dye your clothes and armor. You will be able to gather color pigments from many resources and craft them into dyes. Each piece of cloth or armor is able to hold several different colors, so you can choose to color the individual parts of each piece differently.

This becomes handy when it comes to battle where you can identify your own men with the dye color and don’t go around killing your own men.

Thrall Animations


You can capture thralls like blacksmiths and carpenters and use them to craft your necessary items. The dev team said they are bringing animations to these thralls to make the game more realistic. This will allow you to see them performing the craft before your very eyes. For example, hammering out iron, stirring pots or sawing wood.

In addition to these important features, here is a list of…

Ongoing fixes and improvements:

  • Adding new features and content
  • Improving the artificial intelligence for creatures and NPCs
  • Fixing general bugs and glitches
  • Adjusting floating assets, such as resources or foliage
  • Balancing the crafting and progression system
  • Introducing more types of thralls
  • Introducing more types of craftable items
  • Introducing more types of creatures
  • Introducing more lore and story elements
  • Introducing more placeables such as traps

How excited are you gamers for Conan Exiles?


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