This comes in as a good news for torrents users and a bad news for the game’s producers. These days, all the games releasing for PC come with Denuvo protection. Denuvo, the anti-tampering software was touted to end gaming piracy. But even it has been cracked open at an alarmingly fast rate.

The software has been tampered with and the game has been cracked within a week. This has posed a lot of questions in the gaming industy on how this was possible in a short amount of time. Resident Evil 7 was cracked in just 5 days from its release. As of now, Denuvo solutions, haven’t responded to this issue yet.


This problem has to be addressed from a different perspective. Many PC gamers search up the torrents instead of buying the games for a very special reason. Denuvo has already been accused of causing problem on the host computers. For this reason, Crytek, Playdead and Bethesda have removed Denuvo from their products. If capcom follows them and removes Denuvo from Resident Evil 7, they might see some increase in their sales.

The ultimate consequence of this crack, is that gamers who are broke or not willing to pay for the game, have good times ahead with the game being available for download in the torrents.

Will Denuvo find a way to fight back at the pirates? We must wait and see.


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