The dark magic of necromastery has always fascinated and excited me on many levels. To a bored mind which is used to playing many ever-positive protagonists, joining forces with the dark side has always been my preference.

A couple of months ago, there was a news from Blizzard Entertainment that Diablo 3 will have a new DLC featuring necromancer class. This came as a happy news for me, as I finally got to re-experience the role of a dark sorcerer.

Speaking of light vs dark, the battle went real on a Q and A session, when the light was shed on the necromancer class by the Diablo 3’s team. The team comrpised of the trio, Lead Effects artist Julian Love, Senior Game Designer Travis Day and Community Manager Brandy Camel.


There are more info present on their 47 minute, Q and A session. I’ll put down the improtant highlights here

  • The necro in Diablo 3 is much different than witch doctor and will not use poison.
  • The irom maiden will have melee options for battle which includes two-handed scythes.
  • Necromancer class will include golems, and currently four or five new types of golems are being developed.
  • Decrepify will be included in the necro’s arsenal.
  • You must own the Reaper of Souls to play the Necromancer DLC.

You can view the entire session on Diablo’s youtube channel.

How excited are you guys about playing around with dark magic? Comment your thoughts.


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