The upcoming RPG’s cinematic trailer and info on the squad mates were revealed last week. But Bioware didn’t stop there and still continues to give us some minute details on the game.

Recently, the team took it out on twitter to answer a question on cross-play support.


One of the fans asked if the game’s multiplayer mode would have the cross-play feature between different gaming platforms/consoles. The producer, Fernando Melo assured that there will be no cross-play for the game, just like Mass Effect 3. Hence, the game is going to remain peer to peer.

Well, it is unfortunate as cross-play will be fun, but at the same time it might not be feasible at the moment.

In addition to the cross-play info, Bioware confirmed that Andromeda’s PC version will have uncapped frame rate. Many gamers prefer this, as the fps can be adjusted as per their requirements instead of just locking it to one value. However, the GPU gets destroyed in all sorts.

I don’t think we will have any more important info on the game after this. The next possible update on Andromeda would be for the beta test.

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