“Alright, men! Listen Up!”

“By now, you would have known about the new map, Velvet shell.”

“I received new intel today from the HQ, Ubisoft. They have revealed one of the blokes who will be joining the play as the Spanish operator. He goes by the name, Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar.”

“Codename : Jackal”

“Presumably an attacker. He will sport the C7E and PDW9 as his primary weapons, and the ITA 12S and USP 40 as his secondaries.”

“I was sent this piece of clip along with the info”

“The HQ didn’t reveal about his abilities though. Kept a secret to maintain the curiosity.”

“However, this video shows that he meddles with his headset to enable him to see the footsteps, the opponents left behind”

“Looks like this boy is in for sneak attacks and tracking”

“His backstory looks a mess. He and his brother got screwed up in a case of street violence. He survived somehow, but his brother…dead.”

“Then, took it up on himself to uncover his brother’s mystery death. So, joined the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia and later moved on to Grupo Especial de Operaciones.

“What is your take on him, men?”

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