Have you guys heard of Leslie Benzies?

To those who don’t, he is the former president of Rockstar North and is now currently involved in a law suit over GTAV.

Law suit? What are you talking about?

To answer that, we need to look up to the sky or the ceiling and create a spiral visual as we go into the flashback.

According to Rockstar, Leslie was reported to be having considerable performance and conduct issues. This led to his resignation in January 2016. In April, he sued Rockstar Games for a whopping $150 million in royalties and claimed that he was forced out. However, Rockstar’s parent company, Take-two saw it otherwise. They said his claims were without merit and were bizzare.

Okay, it’s time to look back down. The flashback is over.

At present, that is all the info I got on this case. I’ll be updating if I get anything more.

Coming back to the new announcement, Leslie has lauched a new studio and announced its first game. The yet unnamed studio has two offices. One is Edinburgh, Scotland and the other in LA, California. He opened it along with other former GTA developers Colin Entwistle and Matthew Smith. The studio now has 30 people running it.

Colin, Mathew and Leslie

The game is surprisingly titled as “Everywhere”. Living up to it name, the open world game has a gameplay just like GTA, allowing players to go anywhere and do anything.

Benzies was quoted saying, “Everywhere has a lot of traditional game mechanics, but we’re going for something more that draws inspiration from, well, everywhere. Players are getting smarter and require more from their games, and we want players to have the real freedom to live in our worlds in the ways they want to. We’re aiming to offer a huge variety of game modes and styles that not only tell our stories but also enable players to live in the identities and adventures they most want to explore”

The game is being dev-ed with Amazon’s Lumberyard engine. The specs however, aren’t specified yet.

So, what is your take on this? How good do you think, the game would turn out to be?  Comment in your thoughts.

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