If you haven’t yet checked out the cinematic trailer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, check it out here.

A new trailer titled, “Andromeda Initiative” is a briefing of the game by one of your squad mates. Eager to know more? Read on.

Scott and Sarah Ryder
You will be playing as either Scott or Sarah. As the children of the pathfinder, you will taking that role inherited from your dad. Though not sure about their individual characters, it is totally your choice to pick the right dialogue options in the game.

This is Cora Harper
She will do the role of the squad’s operation specialist. Oh!, and by the way, she is a biotic and served with Asari commandos. If I were you, I wouldn’t mess with her and get paralyzed.

Next up is Liam
He looks pretty organised and prepared to me. He will be the “crisis response” specialist of your squad. He will be operating behind curtains to respond to critical situations, especially when you are getting owned by the alien races out there.

Meet Drack
I guess this beast will be the perfect “Crisis Response”. Every team needs a tank, and this is going to be one. Being man-handled and getting your head smashed open, looks like a good option to calm things down in a situation.

She has a lineage to the Asari. Being an adventurer, she figured out being a part of our squad is one way to do it.

Finally, you have Kallo
He is a Salarian and performs the role of a pilot. Having said that, he won’t be a part of any ground missions.

The briefing ends there. I’ll be back on more updates, if new recruits are added to the squad. Until then, Good luck!


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