Recently, Codemasters announced that they’ll bring Dirt Rally to Play Station VR. But they didn’t stop there and decided to go the extra mile for the PS4 fans. They announced with a trailer that Dirt 4, the next largest game in the franchise will be hitting the PS4.

And that’s not all. They even decided to let the fans know some important information on the game, before its release this june.

The stage is yours

With frequent practice and playing, the skills of a gamer keeps going on the rise. Consequently, the game begins to look easier to play. To make things challenging, players will be given access to a new feature called, “Your mode”.

This is a route generator, that allows players to create their own racing stage with their own custom specifications, complexity and time of the day. With this feature, there are possibilities of creating millions of different racing stages with varied complexities and difficulties. That’s not all. These stages can be developed over 5 different locations to make things interesting and entertaining.


You can also share these stages with your friends and challenge them to it. Well, it is always good to see your mate lose against you. I’d create a beast out of this feature when I get the chance.

Real life drivers created the game

The heading says it all. This was done to make things more realistic and authentic. It would give a real-time experience while playing the game. Pro rally driver Kris Meeke along with former Rally champ and two-time World Rallycross Champion Petter Solberg, helped the dev team by sharing their feelings on driving these cars. This aided the team to reproduce the same effects and feeling in the game.


Commentaries are also given some authentication with rally co-driver, commentator, and motorsport presenter Jen Horsey playing the role of Rally school instructor and co-driver for US players. Don’t worry UK fans, you got Nicky Grist’s welsh accent.

We got lot of places to explore

Dirt 4 will bring more locations to race around in the US. We got Michigan, Nevada, California, and Baja in Mexico making their debut. These 5 locations are meant for some harcore racing where the dust never settles.

But wait, if you feel like a noob there is a place for you to learn. The DirtFish Rally School in Washington will help to learn racing under the guidance of Jen Horsey. Its just not any school as we know, it also has a test zone where you can race around and check your car’s new perforamane and tuning upgrades. So, if you crash with your upgrades, you’d know you screwed up.

Aaandd, we have come to the end of the race here in my article. I’m pretty excited about the “your mode”feature in particular. I know you feel the same too. Oh!, and a final piece of advice…

Be Fearless!!



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