A couple of months ago, sign ups and registrations were open for players for the upcoming Ghost Recon:Wildlands closed beta version.Ubisoft said that they would choose a particular set of registered gamers from the entire lot, to play and test the beta version of the game.

Now, Ubisoft has announced through an intriguing trailer that the beta test version is scheduled to take place from February 3 through February 6. The trailer is named “Open world of the wildlands” and the narrator talks about why the recon operations needs to happen in Bolivia.

As expected from any beta version, this one will also not comprise of the entire map and missions. It’ll have only a part of it in order to keep the suspense of the plots and reveals present in the game. However, players who get selected to test the beta version can experience gameplay, glitches and errors. The publisher mentioned that, the game can be played in two game modes, either in a four player co-op mode or in a single player mode.


However, it is to be said that getting selected to play the test version cannot be guaranteed. It depends on how Ubisoft do the selections and of course, your luck. But, if you still want to register and give a try, click here.

I like the situation the game is in, and can’t wait for the final version’s release. How keen are you guys in playing this game soon?

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