Back with a strong punch, the latest chapter in the series of Tekken games, comes with a vengeful story. With intense action sequences, hard punch-lines, emotional content and bloody combat, Tekken 7 shows to be a good contender and a rival for its fighting-genre counterpart Street Fighter 5.

You can get an idea about it by seeing the trailer.

For Tekken fans, it was agonizing to await the game’s release. The game was actually scheduled to release in the early 2017, but it is now being postponed to June 2.

The producer, Katushiro Harada gave an interview to the fans and apologized for the delay in release. Lack of content seemed to be the main reason for delay. Without proper content, the product will not survive in the market alongside a much competitive opponent in Street Fighter 5.

Tekken 7 is available for pre-order now. And to keep your spirits up till then, here is a look at the deadly head shot……with a rose. (I need to try this!)

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