The map looks like a sleek relaxation spot with pubs, games and neon lights as it is centered around La Perla Blanca, a real place in Spain. Although the place isn’t situated near a coastline nor in Ibiza, the dev team did add up a coastline to the Perla Blanca to make the game more enjoyable.

Being the first map of Year 2 content this year, Ubisoft teased on Operation Velvet Shell with amazing visuals. Surrounding itself with a vast coastline and old Spanish architectural foundations, La perla Blanca comes with today’s modernizations of a nightlife too.


If you guys want to have a week early access before its launch, consider the season pass which is rated at $30. Year 2 season pass holders will get 8 new battle dress uniforms, 8 headgear options, bonus weekly challenges, and a 10% discount at the in-game shop. Don’t fret year 1 pass holders, as you people will get 600 bonus R6 bucks, and anyone who buys into the Year 2 Season Pass before February 7, 2017 will also get an exclusive obsidian weapon skin.

Get ready for some action fellas!


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