Street fighter is a famous martial arts and fighting game, that has been around for 29 years. This year it will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Celebrations kicked-off last week when an announcement, made the fans go crazy. The classic version, Ultra Street Fighter 2 will be making a transition from PC to Nintendo Switch Console. The transition will be accompanied by two new characters and a new game mode.

In addition to that announcement, Capcom, the producers of the game have decided to make the 30th anniversary a special event. The company’s boss Yoshinori Ono, stated in an interview that the fans can await some surprises about the game. These special information are to be made available during the San Diego comic con or E3 in 2017.


One of the earlier reveals was, the famous character Akuma (in the above pic), making his return to the franchise. Gamers holding the season pass can get access to Akuma and 5 other fighters in the following months.

The return of Akuma and other new characters joining the roster, are a part of the upcoming update to Street Fighter 5. The update is scheduled for the later half of this year, though the exact date isn’t specified yet.

Fans and gamers are already speculating about the surprises and reveals. Some say, it might be on the content of the update, while some deduce that it might be on Capcom’s support to the game.

Being unsure, we can only wait and see.


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