EA began the new year with a bang, saying that the fans will have early access to the game ahead of its launch. Gamers were buzzing around in excitement to try out the sci-fi RPG, game before its release date. Questions were raised on how early the access would be available and for how long would the play be?

To clarify things, EA has now announced that the game will be available as a 10-hour trial ahead of its launch time. The trial will go live on March 16, 5 days before its official release on March 21. The trial isn’t free and will cost a few dollars. Hence, the gamers need to pay to play the trial, which can be done through EA access for Xbox one and Origin access for PC.

EA’s access tool isn’t available on PS4. So, no trial play for those users.


I have four view points on this announcement. The first is the trial play’s duration. 10 hours seems pretty less, as it’ll be gone in a flash and not much about the game’s story and plot can be learned.

My other viewpoint is 10 hours trial play is sufficient enough to familiarize with the gameplay physics and mechanics. With less time at hand, gamers will run around trying to explore as much as they can. This might lead us to discover something that is rare and new in the game, way before its release. Sounds exciting, right?

The third one is about the paid trial. I am not sure, how much the trial play is going to cost. If it is going to be high, less gamers will try to access it. It wouldn’t be certainly low either. We need to wait and see how much they rate it at the access stores.

The final viewpoint is about the game’s progress feature. EA said that, gamers can carry the progress they made during their trial play to the main game after its release. (YESSS!!!) If you had a paid trial play with a limited duration of 10 hours without the progess carry-over feature, I would have personally destroyed you million times in my mind in frustration. So, having the progress carry-over feature is a plus.

What is your opinion about the trial?






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