Today, Microsoft announced a biggie to all Xbox fans.

A couple of Xbox one S bundle deals will be available soon. One of them comes with Halo Wars 2 and other bundle comes with Forza Horizon 3. Both are rated at $350 each. They will be available for sale from February 17, 2017.

The $350 Halo Wars 2 bundle comes with 1 terabyte X1S console and the ultimate edition of the game itself. The latter will grant gamers, 4 days of early access, a seasons pass and a bonus copy of the game’s Definitive edition. Standards include the wireless controller and 14-day gold membership for Xbox Live.


Surprisingly, Forza Horizon 3 comes with two price points : $300 for the 500GB Xbox One S console edition, and $350 for the 1TB edition. Either way, you can be benefited depending upon the amount of space you require. Finally, the standards comprise of the same set as the Halo Wars bundle.

In my opinion, the $350 price is a good deal with the inclusion of 2 amazing games under it. You can experience either of them in the 4k blu-ray definition on their home consoles.

With the Nintendo Switch joining the competition, Microsoft has made the correct move to keep their Xbox sales up.



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