Ever heard about “Illustrations” and “Drawings”?

It might ring a bell or two. Arts class and competitions in school, 80s and 90s tv cartoons are a few things that might come up in your mind. We thought that era was over, more than a decade back. But it is going to live on today, in the form of virtual reality.

That’s right! Oculus took the initiative make a short film with illustrations, which can be viewed in the VR platform. They built a new VR tool, particularly for this purpose and they named the drawing software called “Quill”. The short film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is made available on the Rift today.

Here is a tease at the short film.

“Dear Angelica” is about a young girl who is trying to put up with her film star mother’s death. As she dives into nostalgia, by watching her mom’s films, they are made into drawings and illustrations before your eyes.

While the film isn’t long, viewers can still pause in between and experience the beauty of interactive motion comic. The voice work and sound design make the film more immersing and moving at times, being a grief based story.


Oculus’ first move with VR illustration is exceptional. Just like how Disney’s first cartoons were static, this film is also static. However, it is an exceptional accomplishment by making the transition, to bring it to the virtual reality for the first time ever.

If you own an Oculus Rift, you can expect a fully animated experience of the drawings in the near future.


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