The 3rd big change to the game will be tweaks in the gears, skills and weapon sets. This will impact the whole style of play, as they will affect the way the players engage in battle.

Let’s talk about these changes.

Changes to the gear set


The alpha bridge set is the most powerful gear set in the game. The Division players would know this. Previously, Massive entertainment announced that there will be nerfs done to this set, although the details were unspecified. Now, am here to tell you the details of the nerfs that will happen to this set.

Players can no longer stack 6 talents on a single gun. Instead the talents will be spread across all weapons the set has. While this makes the wepons stronger, they won’t be as strong as they were after the update 1.5.


Apart from the alpha bridge set, changes will be done to the other gear sets as well. The Frontline gear set will no longer remove the critical chance, but instead it’ll remove all mods the players have applied to their shields. The Reclaimer set will have bonuses focused on making support stations more powerful.

Armor and Damage resistance


With the update 1.6, all the rolled stats will be removed from the armors and only the native armor will be kept in the gear sets. If the players racks up extra armor in the game, it’ll be transformed into extra health. This will give a choice for the players to either stack up the health and play as a tank, or use it on DPS and skill power.

Skills changes


Skill Power will now scale similar to armor, and won’t see diminishing returns until players get to 450,000 Skill Power. This would provide options for the players to choose between support roles with less damaging power or carry roles with more skill and damage power.

Massive Entertainment will be nerfing skills that include Sticky Bomb, Turret, and Seeker Mines. Telling from their names, these skills are used for different roles of camper, carry and support. Hence, with this update players will get a wide range of roles to choose from, extending the width of the game.

Player Vs Player balancing


Hip Fire is a term used to describe a shot without aiming down the sights. The update 1.6 will be nerfing this skill to make it more effective. So far, in the Player Vs Player mode, the two of them tend to run around in circles engaging in abundance of hip fire, rather using the sights.

The update will bring in the ‘hip fire camera’, which will make it more difficult to aim while hip firing. This would make the players to strategize their attack and use the sight and shoot.

Apart from that, players will no longer be able to reload while sprinting. Massive Entertainment addressed this issue as it was reported by many players.


With that, we have come to the end of the details on the update 1.6. You people did a good job sticking around all this time. If you need to catch up with the previous segments of the update, follow the link below.

To the first segment


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