The second update will comprise of a new difficulty mode. Massive Entertainment has named it, “Legendary” mode.

The legendary difficulty mode will be applied to only three selected missions. These missions will include Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant, and Napalm Production Site. These are already considered to be the difficult missions in the game and with the application of the legendary mode, it’d be next to impossible to complete them.


As if that is not difficult enough, the legendary mode is said to be a challenging experience for the hardcore players of the game. The current enemies will be removed from each of the three missions and will be replaced by much powerful and smarter LMB (Last Man Battalion) enemies.

The LMBs will employ advanced strategies and tactics to take you down. They will try to stay low to make it difficult for you to shoot them. The will also try to flank you unnoticed and take you down from behind. The players need to think on the same terms and strategize before making a move. This makes it look like a survival task in the middle of the wild.

This part of the update reminds me of something. A weaker and blunt enemy has now gained super intelligence and has become more powerful than before. Terminators!


Continuing with the details on the update, Massive Entertainment said going solo in any of these missions is suicide. With the advanced tactics and intellingence of the enemies, it is guaranteed that attacks will come from any direction when least expected. Massive Entertainment said, these missions and the legendary mode is for group play and not for solo.


It looks quite obvious. It is a difficulty within a difficulty like the “Inception” movie.

But, in spite of all these, if a player somehow completes the legendary missions, unique and exclusive items will be rewarded. These items will be rare and powerful which will include gears and weapons to be added to the inventory.

With the skilled and experienced players beating the game at every difficulty level put before them, there will be no wonder if a future update with “God” mode difficulty comes up.

On to the next segment


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