Folks, we have a lot to talk about the update 1.6. I’m going to explain them in 3 parts. So, stick with me and don’t go off road.

If you have read the previous news on Update 1.6 from Massive Entertainment, you will notice that the only information we get about update 1.6, is there are changes to be done to the alpha bridge set.

But, that is not all. In ‘The Division’ website, a blog post showed a plethora of changes that is to happen in terms of battle and engagement with the opponents. There will be new ‘Dark Zone’ areas implemented, legendary difficulty on a few missions and tweaks on gears, weapons and skills.


With that being said, I shall talk about the ‘Dark Zone’ update first.

The Dark Zone is a large quarantined area on the map for Player Vs Player fights. It is an epidemic prone area, where the spread and effects of a virus is gone out of hand. There will be bodies piled up everywhere with loots, medicine and weapons left behind. With chaos and death brewing up in the area, the objective as a player is to survive the virus and contain the situation.

So, basically everything is messed up and you got to act like you are in control of the situation. Wait a minute… I’ve experienced this somewhere else! Aah Yes… My life!


Anyway moving on, the update will have three new areas known as DZ07, DZ08, and DZ09 to be opened for battle. Hence, the players will have different Dark Zone areas to choose from, instead of just one. It just can’t get any darker than this!!

Apart from the addition of new areas, there will be special events that will randomly appear each hour. With the Dark Zone been known as the hot spot for loots, these events will bring in rare and powerful items to loot. For players in the Dark Zone, it is easy to find these loots as it is to die from the viral contamination. (Dammit!!)


Finally, there will be leaderboards put up, to track the Player Vs Player activities on a weekly and a monthly basis. These activities include killing rogue agents or extracted items. Statistics from these activities are converted into the total score and divided into three tiers. Players will be rewarded based on their position on the leaderboard.

With that, we have come to the end of the updates on the Dark Zone.

All there is to know about The Division update 1.6 – 2nd update


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