The title sounds good, right? Well…


Gamers can now actually tailor the difficulty settings to their liking. The patch comes with 20 different sliders that can be tweaked, each based on varied factors that affect the difficulty of the game. To clarify on this further, Bethesda came up with a solid explanation:

With the Custom Difficulty settings, you can further tailor your experience. Let’s say you’re a stealth player who likes to carefully explore every option… now you can move a slider that adjusts how effective you are leaning from behind a barrier when skulking around


If you feel, the ‘very hard’ mode isn’t challenging enough to test your skills, the update is gonna bring in another difficulty level called ‘Iron mode’. This mode will have the permadeath feature, which means you get only one shot and one life to survive throughout the game. One wrong move and it’s game over. The mode will not allow you to save or load game files in between. Does that sound challenging enough?

The update also comes with the mission select option apart from customizing the difficulty level. Players will be able to choose specific missions which they would like to play again. The good point is, every time a player starts a mission all over again, the characters, runes, money and everything else will be accessible once again.

Bethesda announced that this update will be available for xbox one on January 23.

This is probably the best update on Dishonored 2. What are your thoughts?

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