No! This has got nothing to do with rubber bands.

For those of you who have no idea what ‘Rubber Banding’ is, it is a term that is used to describe a game that dynamically adjusts the difficulty based on how shit or how well you play. Well, it seems rubber banding has been implemented in FIFA 17 for both single player and ultimate team modes.

Don’t look at me, it isn’t me who said it. A redditor by the name ‘girlfriend_pregnant’ (Quite an open statement), had recently revealed a piece of code from the game that indicates rubber banding. The franchise denied the existence of such scripts, but now through the redditor, it was proved wrong. The rubber banding script in the game is titled as ‘momentum’ by EA sports.

This becomes a problem especially for the gamers forming their team in the ultimate team mode. If a gamer is putting in their real-life cash to build a dream team they have wanted, and if the opponent plays well with their mediocre team, the game adjusts its difficulty shifting the momentum in the opponent’s favour. This gamer would be at a disadvantage when the skills and attributes of the players of their opponent’s team has a slight increase. This factor has left the gamers infuriated.

A lot of arguments and discussions are going down in twitter with the hashtag #ExplainFIFAMomentum. Though, there isn’t enough evidence to show how this piece of code affects the game is still in the dark. Gamers around the world are gathering on social media to get answers.

What are your thoughts on this? Is rubber banding, good or bad?


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