If you are frustrated due to one of the glitches or your noob teammates in Battlefield 1, then you aren’t alone comrade. Well don’t break the controller yet. They are costly, so let’s calm down and sit tight. Hear this news out.

There have been many changes done to the game with respect to the recent fall update. DICE is pretty good for supporting the games along their timeline after their release. When it comes to Battlefield 1, they have stuck to their reputation by throwing an extensive update for better gameplay and bug fixes.

Inactive squad leaders get kicked off command

Sounds good right!? Sometimes waiting for an order from the squad leader can be as long as waiting for the invisible, non-existing medic who never turns up until your enemies perform a tribal dance around your rotting corpse and your soul reaches heaven. This will not happen anymore. The updates comes with order requests with a 60 second timer. If the leader issues an order within 60 seconds from the request, the timer will be cleared. But if he doesn’t, he will be demoted. Whoever made the first request will take command of the team.

Attacking attributes and factors are given a boost

Previously, the attackers had a hard time dealing with the entrenched defenders. The update provides attackers with more tickets. Quite convenient isn’t it? Furthermore tickets will be provided if they capture sectors or finish off retreating defenders. In addition to that, the time taken to capture flags has been reduced. The default player count for the operations is now recalibered to 40. But the 64 player version can also be played.

Capturing all the flags is now harder

We all had experiences when our team played like cavemen from the stone age, while our enemy team were playing like terminators sent by skynet from the future. It is the feeling we get when the enemy team captures all the flags present in the map. The recent update has given a break on this problem. DICE added two more capture points to the Suez conquest map and shrunk their capture areas that include fewer defendable buildings. Now, the thrill on last minute take downs whilst capturing a flag will be more.


Become Chuck Norris or Rambo with LMGs

When I talk about Norris or Rambo, am not talking about unlimited ammo we see in the movies. But its the factor of using a gun for a range of attack that wasn’t meant for it.  DICE saw that LMGs were the most preferred class of weapons in the game. So they decided to nerf it by making it more viable for mid-range attacks. This will include better suppressive capabilities, less initial recoil, faster accuracy gain, and bipods for low-weight LMGs.


And finally many big fixes

This update has totally killed any bug that has been lying around in the game. No more floating props and the bunker doors now show that they are made of wood and do not stop bullets anymore. You will no longer feel weird playing the game.

So, did I manage to convinve you to not break your controller? What a time to be alive, right?

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